Monday, April 7, 2014

School Days...a Day in Science Class

The school year is quickly moving along this is a peek at 4th grade science with the girls. Today the girls were learning about different forms of plant life, taking into account plants from today and from the past and discovering similarities and differences.

The girls love it when they have a lab opportunity in class because it means they get to investigate a bit more and get out of their seats and move around (Ivy can't stand staying still for too long!).

Kristen was the leader of their small group today (she loves it when she gets to be leader!)...she was so excited about getting to be the leader that she even showed up early for class so she could better prepare.

Claire was responsible for reading from the book to the group.

It's always so fun to learn with friends and work together to get whatever needs doing...done!  Kristen reported what she discovered when looking through the microscope at a leaf that they girls found out on the playground...

She was amazed at all that she was able to see using the microscope that isn't visible with the naked eye.

*RING...RING...RING*  It's the bell!!  Time for class to be over!  The girls can't wait for tomorrow so that they can continue their exploration of plant life.

Story and Photos by: Zoey, Age 9 and Jen (Zoey's mom)
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thank You Dolly Dorm Diaries!

We are so excited to share with our readers and to discover ourselves that we have been nominated for the "Liebster Award" by one of our favorite blogs, Dolly Dorm Diaries!  So fun!  

Here are our questions from Dolly Dorm Diaries:

1.  What part of doll collecting do you love most?  The favorite parts for us are setting up new scenes for playing or photographing...arranging and re-arranging things and coming up with craft ideas for existing doll items or in place of them!
2.  What are you to your doll(s)?  Mom? Caretaker? Friend?  Hmmm...for me (Jen) I would be the caretaker...Zoey is a friend to many of her dolls as well as a caretaker and sometimes I think a mom to her Bitty Baby or Bitty Twin.
3.  What doll is your mini me? Hmmm...perhaps Rebecca for me (Jen here again) and Claire for Zoey.
4.  What is your favorite AG pet?  Pepper and Honey!
5.  Ever been to an AG Place?  If so, where?  Zoey and I went to the Mall of America location American Girl Doll store and Bistro and had such an amazing time (you can see more of our visit here).  We hope to go back soon!
6.  Take your dolls out in public?  Zoey has in the past, though hasn't lately.  She will sometimes bring her in the car though and leave her in the car to rest while we are out and about.
7.  Beach or mountain vacation?  Beach!!
8.  Favorite vacation spot?  Hmmmm...we love Tarpon Springs, Florida (a small Greek village) but I would love to actually go to Greece one day!
9.  Favorite AG Horse?  Not sure, the larger one that we have...we named it Butterscotch.  :)
10. Early riser or night owl?  Night owls!
11. Own an AG boy doll?  Name?  We don't have any boy dolls.

This was fun!  Thanks for the nomination and to whomever would like to play along...please consider yourself nominated because we can't just choose our favorites because there are simply just too many!  Here are some questions for those of you that would like to participate.  Please link up your replies here in the comments so we can stop by and check out your answers!!

1. How did you come to start getting into playing or collection American Girl dolls?
2. What does your collection mostly consist of?
3. Does your collection continuously change?  Do you sell thing and purchase more and do this over and over or do you consistently add?
4. Do you share your love of dolls with friends in real life?
5. How old are your dolls when it comes to how you imagine them to be?
6. How often do you play with or arrange your dolls/collection?
7. How often do you shop at American Girl (in the store or online)?  Do you anxiously await new releases?
8. Do you think playing with or collecting American Girl dolls will diminish as you get older or do you see yourself continuing your love of dolls indefinitely?
9. Why do you think you love dolls so much?  :)
10. What do you enjoy most about sharing your doll love with online communities/blogs/social media, etc.?

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Bath Time for Emma!

Here are some pictures of Emma's first bath with us...she loves bubble baths we've discovered.  Honey has taken a special liking to Emma too and didn't want to leave her side while taking a bath.

It's a good thing we had some little rubber duckies for Emma to play with!  The dolls are going to have to look for some little toys for Emma to play with.

After enjoying her bubble bath Emma got all cozy in her new pajamas.  They are the new Bugs & Butterflies PJ's for dolls from American Girl that retail for $24.

I have to say too, that these just might be my all time favorite pj's for dolls that have been offered by American Girl. They are adorable!  I love the pattern of the fabric and the little details with the pink piping along the sleeves and collar and the buttons as well as the ruffles along the bottoms of the pants are just TOO CUTE for words!  I really recommend this set, we love it!

And now for a couple more close-ups of Emma...

Such a little sweetie!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Emma's First Day with Us...

It was so nice that we got Emma in the mail just in time for the weekend here...that meant we got to spend some quality time getting to know her right away.  Right away she enjoyed some special treats and of course she got to meet and get to know all of her new friends here as well.

We think she is happy with her new "forever home."  We know that we are happy with her joining us!  I found her for a reasonable price on eBay and she came with a Bitty Bear and wearing this sweet little Bitty Baby Berry Picking outfit. It also came with a little hat and the board book that originally came with the set.

The doll itself is truly in pretty good shape considering her tag reads 2002. I was a little worried about her hair because the photos on eBay weren't that great but as you can see here it's almost perfect!  She is just so sweet!  I actually think she is cuter than the blonde Bitty Twin available now through American Girl.  I like the shorter hair for a toddler doll I think...makes her seem more innocent and young.

I love the little patch of hair on top of her head's actually kind of like what Zoey looked like when she was a little one.  I would always put that little patch of hair in a little pony on the top of her head just like this doll!  Too funny!

I hope you are looking forward to seeing more cuteness from Emma in the future because I have a feeling we'll be taking more photos of her in the days to come!

Welcome home Emma!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the day after but the wish for you is still the same!  For the longest time now Zoey has asked for a set of Bitty Baby Twins.  I've discouraged her from them since it would mean the purchasing of two dolls, she already has a Bitty Baby and the twins are a pricey purchase that I worry she would outgrow after just a short while.  The first time she asked for them I thought it was just an impulse thing but they remained on her list.  I saw this blonde girl Bitty Twin (retired) on eBay for a nice price and she seemed to be in good shape for having a tag that read 2002.  She arrived just in time for Valentine's Day and she is so sweet!!  Tickled that we got her and boy was Zoey surprised because she wasn't expecting to get a Bitty Twin ever after all our discussions about them.  So, she now has one little blonde Bitty Twin who she has named Emma.  Emma has warmed our hearts here this Valentine's Day, that's for sure.  I know there won't be many more days of her wanting to play with a baby doll so I will treasure the ones that she does while they're here.  

Hoping you enjoyed a joyous and love filled day this year!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Serendipity Dolls

Awhile back I was sent a beautiful doll outfit from Serendipity Dolls and I wanted to share it with you as well as some more information about the company itself as we are impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the outfit we were sent.

We received the Black Doll Skirt and Vest set with a White Blouse that retails on the Serendipity Doll website for $21.99.

The set included a beautiful crisp, pleated white blouse that had a brooch looking type of button sewn to the top collar, a black skirt with gold highlights as well as a black and gold vest.

I had a feeling that I knew which doll Zoey was going to want to try the new outfit on first and I was was Elizabeth!  She is our "fancy" doll...she loves dressing in the finest of clothing.

We think she looks so sweet in this outfit, almost like an old fashioned school teacher or someone from the story Little Women.

Here is a close-up of the little brooch looking button that is sewn on.  It really adds a nice touch and makes the blouse extra special.

There is velcro at the wrist of the blouse which is nice because it allows for the fit to be tight but it's easy for a child to get on the doll at the same time. Really a nice and thoughtful touch.

The seams are all straight and look professionally finished off.  There is velcro again for the closure on the back of the blouse as well as the skirt.

The beautiful embroidered ribbon added to the bottom of the skirt is a really nice touch and makes the outfit in my opinion.

And here is Elizabeth wearing the vest...stunning!

And the complete outfit...

Serendipity Dolls has been in the stuffed animal business (plush and clothing) for about 12 years now and has just recently started moving their focus to doll clothing.  They have designed all of their doll clothing in house which is great because that means you will not see their designs and outfits anywhere else on the market!

With the communication that I have had with the marketing person from Serendipity Dolls it is apparent that they pride themselves on having great customer service!  They have been wonderful to work with! They provide a phone number (208-762-1031) and an email right on their site for interested individuals to reach them by.

Currently they are offering free shipping on orders over $50 to the Contiguous US and newly registered customers will get an instant $5 off coupon code!

I hope you have enjoyed our review of our outfit that we received and take the time to check out their site for their other beautiful things for dolls that they offer!
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Friday, January 10, 2014

My Life As...Outfits - A Review

I had some errands to run today and made a quick stop to Wal-Mart this morning after dropping Zoey off at school.  I am so happy that I did!  I happened upon some really fun doll finds, some of which I will share here in this post. These outfits were each $9.99 and included some fun little accessories.

This outfit I thought would be so fun for a spring's really adorable.

The capri's are separate from the skirt so they can be used for other outfits.  The tutu style ruffled skirt will be fun to use for ballet too!

The headband is so cute and actually stays on the doll's head better than some of the American Girl brand ones!

This outfit is super cute too...a bit more casual and comfortable looking and included a fabric, stretchy hair band (which is reversible), a bracelet, and a little shrug.

Regarding the shrug, it's something we will have to be careful with because it's going to be really easy to pull I think...I had to be careful when dressing the doll to make sure I didn't snag one of the doll's fingers in one of the holes in the shrug.  It's super cute though!

And now on to the last outfit...the adorable and fun polka-dot swimsuit!  We love this set!  It came with sunglasses, flip-flops and even a cover-up!  Too cute!

Same as with the shrug, the cover-up will have to be something we are careful with because I could see that it would get snagged up pretty quickly by velcro.  It is adorable though and absolutely essential when it comes to planning for spring break, don't you think?

So there is our review for the clothing from this brand.  As far as I know, this brand (My Life As...) is only available at Wal-Mart (online as well).  We purchased one more set from this brand but I am waiting for Zoey to come home from school to surprise her with it so it's not opened yet and out of the package but when it is we will be sure to share our thoughts on that one as well!

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