Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meet Zinnia!

Zoey has decided on a name for her Wellie Wishers doll Camille. She will now be known as Zinnia and be called Zinnie for short. She loves nature and studying about herbs as well as just spending time outdoors.

She is sooooooooo cute! We discovered that she fits nicely in some of the clothing that we had gotten for Zoey's Disney Rapunzel doll. We put her in this dress along with a hat that belongs to Bitty Baby and she was set for exploring in the yard.

She really photographs well it seems and it's SO much easier to stand her up in poses since she is a somewhat stiff doll with no soft body and limbs strung with strings.

I think I love her as much as Zoey does! Her little hands and feet are so her realistic looking eyes and that she has a wig cap like the larger 18 inch American Girl dolls.

Her hair is silky soft and shiny, just like her older American Girl doll counterparts and hers particularly seems to be very easy to manage.

Here are a couple more photos of her...

She's off to do some more exploring in the woods now!

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  1. Aw, she's ADORABLE! :o I love her eyes!!

    -Clara <3

    1. Thanks Clara! We love her so much already...she fits right in with our crew!

  2. Cute! I named one of my dolls Zinnia, too!


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