Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Fun Surprise!

Right away when American Girl first debuted the Wellie Wishers line of dolls and accessories I wasn't keen on them. They looked small, and like they were made of hard plastic and I just simply couldn't wrap my head around being excited about them since we were such fans of the 18 inch dolls. Well, several months later and here we are...the newest doll owners of one of them!

Zoey really wanted Willa but she is currently back-ordered until January or something crazy like that so she quickly chose her second favorite Camille.

Zoey sold some of her older toys that she no longer plays with and used the money to purchase Camille. Right now American Girl has free shipping on the Wellie Wishers collection so that helped her to be able to make this special purchase.

I kept telling Zoey that the doll would be little and hard just to prepare her for being disappointed upon her arrival but low and behold...we are BOTH simply smitten with her! She's SO CUTE!! And so photogenic too. We took her out for a mini photo shoot this afternoon (will share the photos soon!) and we just love her to pieces.

She might need a friend soon...oh dearie me! Really and truly, if you have been on the fence about how you feel about the Wellie Wishers collection you may want to give them a second chance, they are simply adorable and we are now fans for sure!

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