Thank You Dolly Dorm Diaries!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

We are so excited to share with our readers and to discover ourselves that we have been nominated for the "Liebster Award" by one of our favorite blogs, Dolly Dorm Diaries!  So fun!  

Here are our questions from Dolly Dorm Diaries:

1.  What part of doll collecting do you love most?  The favorite parts for us are setting up new scenes for playing or photographing...arranging and re-arranging things and coming up with craft ideas for existing doll items or in place of them!
2.  What are you to your doll(s)?  Mom? Caretaker? Friend?  Hmmm...for me (Jen) I would be the caretaker...Zoey is a friend to many of her dolls as well as a caretaker and sometimes I think a mom to her Bitty Baby or Bitty Twin.
3.  What doll is your mini me? Hmmm...perhaps Rebecca for me (Jen here again) and Claire for Zoey.
4.  What is your favorite AG pet?  Pepper and Honey!
5.  Ever been to an AG Place?  If so, where?  Zoey and I went to the Mall of America location American Girl Doll store and Bistro and had such an amazing time (you can see more of our visit here).  We hope to go back soon!
6.  Take your dolls out in public?  Zoey has in the past, though hasn't lately.  She will sometimes bring her in the car though and leave her in the car to rest while we are out and about.
7.  Beach or mountain vacation?  Beach!!
8.  Favorite vacation spot?  Hmmmm...we love Tarpon Springs, Florida (a small Greek village) but I would love to actually go to Greece one day!
9.  Favorite AG Horse?  Not sure, the larger one that we have...we named it Butterscotch.  :)
10. Early riser or night owl?  Night owls!
11. Own an AG boy doll?  Name?  We don't have any boy dolls.

This was fun!  Thanks for the nomination and to whomever would like to play along...please consider yourself nominated because we can't just choose our favorites because there are simply just too many!  Here are some questions for those of you that would like to participate.  Please link up your replies here in the comments so we can stop by and check out your answers!!

1. How did you come to start getting into playing or collection American Girl dolls?
2. What does your collection mostly consist of?
3. Does your collection continuously change?  Do you sell thing and purchase more and do this over and over or do you consistently add?
4. Do you share your love of dolls with friends in real life?
5. How old are your dolls when it comes to how you imagine them to be?
6. How often do you play with or arrange your dolls/collection?
7. How often do you shop at American Girl (in the store or online)?  Do you anxiously await new releases?
8. Do you think playing with or collecting American Girl dolls will diminish as you get older or do you see yourself continuing your love of dolls indefinitely?
9. Why do you think you love dolls so much?  :)
10. What do you enjoy most about sharing your doll love with online communities/blogs/social media, etc.?

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  1. 1. A catalog request card was in the back of my Angelina Ballerina book so I sent it in. I was hooked when I got my first catalog and poured over the coordinating books and catalogs. Then one summer, my grandma told me if I found an American Girl I was in love with, she would buy it for me - so began my collecting of AG's.
    2.My collection has four AG's (2 Just Like You Dolls, 1 Historical (Rebecca), and 1 Girl of the Year (Isabelle)), 1 our generation doll, and three Tolly tots.
    3.I consistently add doll clothes and things to my doll collection.
    4.When i was younger, my love of dolls was shared by my school friends, but not as much anymore. I share my love of dolls with my cousins though.
    5.My dolls are about 9-12 years old when I play with them.
    6.I do their hair and change their clothes every once in a while when I get really inspired
    7.I place an order usually around the new year, spring time and fall. I usually get to go to the store in the summer. I definitely anxiously await each new release.
    8. I will love dolls forever!!!!!!!!!
    9. They are very enjoyable to fantasize about, photograph and hair style.
    10. It keeps my love of AG strong! I get inspired by what others post!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Sierra!! I too am inspired by what others post as fun!

    2. No problem; i love answering questions!

  2. Ha ha! I just nominated you for the same award on my blog! Oh well, I guess you get 2!

  3. Does that mean I get to post this award on my blog or should I just post the answers here?

    1. You are most welcome to share the award if you like!

  4. Loved reading your answers!!! Funny to see how many respond an emphatic "Beach!" to question #7. There are a lot of beach lovers out there! Have a super day! ~D3 Girls♥


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