Monday, April 7, 2014

School Days...a Day in Science Class

The school year is quickly moving along this is a peek at 4th grade science with the girls. Today the girls were learning about different forms of plant life, taking into account plants from today and from the past and discovering similarities and differences.

The girls love it when they have a lab opportunity in class because it means they get to investigate a bit more and get out of their seats and move around (Ivy can't stand staying still for too long!).

Kristen was the leader of their small group today (she loves it when she gets to be leader!)...she was so excited about getting to be the leader that she even showed up early for class so she could better prepare.

Claire was responsible for reading from the book to the group.

It's always so fun to learn with friends and work together to get whatever needs doing...done!  Kristen reported what she discovered when looking through the microscope at a leaf that they girls found out on the playground...

She was amazed at all that she was able to see using the microscope that isn't visible with the naked eye.

*RING...RING...RING*  It's the bell!!  Time for class to be over!  The girls can't wait for tomorrow so that they can continue their exploration of plant life.

Story and Photos by: Zoey, Age 9 and Jen (Zoey's mom)
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  1. Love this photo story. Your classroom setting is fabulous!

  2. this is all really cute!

  3. Adorable! on Saturday i just got the doll school kit and the Science lab set, and the backpack, the flute set, and MYAG #32! I named her Cristina.

  4. Love love love the fun photography! We decided to created more fun sleepover doll bunk beds!
    We've updated our site too,
    Leigh & Kathleen

  5. Hi, I'm new here. It's so cool that you have all the science equipment and Lanie's laptop!

  6. Jen!!!!!!!!!!!! this is important! AG has just announced the retirement of Marie-Grace and Cecile, Ruthie, and Ivy! i already have them all, but still it is so sad! Why AG why? Please tell me what you think of this Jen.

  7. Sunny Doll Days(EJ)July 9, 2014 at 10:43 AM

    This looks like fun! I have an idea for another video!


  8. This is such a cute photostory! It looks so realistic!:)


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