Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bitty Baby Tea Party

Thank you to houseparty.com and to American Girl for providing me with the new bitty baby, a new outfit, the stuffed elephant and "Bitty the Brave", a new bitty baby book, along with gift bags for all my guests!  When we found out that we had been selected to host a Bitty Baby House Party, the first thought I had was to have a tea party!  What a better way to decorate the table than with tea pots.  Luckily I do have a small collection of tea pots.  They are not all functional, but they did make the table look nice!
I decided that less is more, and went with white table linens to cover two long tables to accommodate the 16 mom's and girls that would be sitting at our table.  Then I used a pale pink paper plate and paper cups.

Lily enjoyed poking the fruit onto little skewers, and it is always more fun to eat food on a stick! I bought a pack of skewers, but did cut them in half to make the portions more manageable.
I opted to order cupcakes, rather than try decorating my own!  I discovered that the Walmart bakery will decorate cupcakes with an array of options for just $6.00/dozen!  I did pick up a pack of fancy paper liners that looked like pink flowers, so cute!
I did make these...you can see why I went with the bakery decorating the cupcakes!  For this petite desert, I bought frozen puff pastry cups, made a chocolate moose, and canned whipping cream- which melted when I had them sitting on the warm oven-oops!  They did taste good though!
I also made little individual veggie-pizzas.
Lily also enjoyed helping poke the cheese and sausage onto the skewers!  And, because I have a few friends who are eating gluten free, I piled some sliced cucumbers in the middle instead of crackers.

I had our new bitty baby displayed so everyone could check her out when they arrived!

On the other side of the Bitty Baby display table, I had the books and other Bitty Baby goodies on display!

Because I was sending the goodie bags (compliments of American Girl) home at the end of the tea party, I also displayed the items the guests would be receiving.  A parent sheet, a puzzle, a commemorative Bitty Baby cover art print and $10 off a $75 Bitty Baby purchase.

This is the new 'wishing star' that comes with each new bitty baby.  The babies also have a similar star sewn to their fabric body where their hearts are.

Our old Bitty Baby didn't want to be left out, and modeled the new purple outfit!

Love the baby shoes! I really like that the AG star is part of the new Bitty line!

                                        Here Zoey, Ruby and Gracie are dressed up for tea!

Thanks to Jen for bringing her chalk board banner, which said, "Welcome Home Daisy"!

This was a necklace that Zoey's Bitty Baby Lucy made for the new Bitty Baby Daisy...

After setting everything up, it was very exciting to sit down to to tea!
With the Moms all helping, the girls enjoyed a sweet selections of treats and healthy snacks too.

    Our littlest guests enjoyed the fun too!  This one was given her first Bitty Baby just before the party!  She is sure to grow up to love American Girl!


Gracie showed off her reading skills and shared "Bitty and Me" the book that came with the new bitty baby.

With a large span in the ages of the girls at our tea party, I decided to limit the crafts and keep them simple.  I found some fuzzy socks, and took a spin off Jen's sock craft, to have the girls and their Mom's make warm baby hats for the fall!

Brynn loves her Bitty Baby, and tried the hat on and off her baby!

Zoey shows off her baby's hat that she made on her own.

The girls at work!

After making hats, I also had flowers out, and the girls cut another strip off their sock, to make a headband with a flower hot glued on.

The third craft we made, were simple felt baby diapers.  Gracie made tag board templates by tracing an old version of the bitty baby diaper for each guest.  The moms and girls traced the tag board diaper onto white felt, then used self sticky velcro circles for the closure.

So fun to see 9 year old girls enjoying being  girls by loving and playing with their bitty baby dolls!
All the little girls and their babies! One little one didn't want her picture taken.  Be sure to look for the flower head bands worn by the 18" American Girl Dolls in the pictures!

All smiles taking home their American Girl bag of Bitty Baby fun!

Some thought the American Girl bag was a Bitty Baby carrier!

Thanks American Girl and Houseparty.com for sponsoring our Bitty Baby Tea Party!


  1. Beautiful! Well done and their faces - adorable!

  2. Wow! That looks really cute and fun!!!!

  3. Looks like a great gathering. The table is so festive and filled with delicious treats. Hope you had as much fun as the pictures show. :)

  4. Wow! That looks fun! Sound like a great party...... Wish I was there...........


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