Monday, May 6, 2013

AG Doll Play is featured in Doll Mag!

I love it when you are unexpectedly surprised with something good or someone being kind and thoughtful.  This is what happened yesterday when I was catching up on my reading of one of my favorite sites, Doll Diaries.  Char had posted some of her favorite picks for the week and she mentioned a doll magazine called Doll Mag which I had never heard of (we are still somewhat new to the doll world here when it comes to the web I guess!), anyways...I followed her link to the Doll Mag site and I started reading the current issue and was so impressed!  It's such a great publication and how fun I was reading along I came to the feature, Blogging Girls and I saw AG Doll Play listed as a favorite site of theirs along with a photo of our doll classroom that we made!  What a nice surprise!

Thank you Doll Mag for the feature and the delightful surprise!

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