Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creating a May Pole...

After reading this post from the Doll Delight blog we decided that our dolls too needed a May Pole to have fun with this Spring.

We used a section of a wrapping paper tube, some patterned paper that we adhered around it, some ribbon and some silk flowers and the ribbon spool for the top.  Our May Pole is standing upright by being placed in a glass.

Making the May Pole was easy enough...getting all of the dolls standing and holding onto the ribbon was not!

I swear it took us about 40 minutes to get everyone situated here for photos!  We first started out in the grass and that was a disaster because the ground wasn't level...then we moved on to the cement stoop and I didn't like the photos from there since you could see the house in the background and that we still had our yard flag out with the snowman on it!  (Our snow is slowly melting still!)

We finally settled on setting the girls up on our picnic table...which is where once I got them all set up the wind started to blow and some of the girls decided to dive off the table and others let go of their ribbons.

I was determined to get some photos though...and I will never have them use the  May Pole outside again!!   I could have saved a lot of grief if we had just stayed inside. I am pretty certain that the neighbors now indeed think we are the crazy family on the block!  :)

Have you ever done a project for your dolls and have it turn out to be not so much fun or somewhat of a disaster?  I'm telling myself that we still had fun...I think we did.  Zoey might say otherwise since she was the one holding up the dolls and the May Pole in-between my getting the dolls all set up and in place...over and over again.

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  1. My little sister thinks exactly like Zoey! :) She is ALWAYS holding stuff for me.

  2. It was pretty ridiculous at one point! She looked at me like I was crazy, and she may have been right! :)

  3. Great job!! I didn't have the guts to try a Maypole, but now that you and another have done it, I am bound and determined to try it next year. I think you did a magnificent job in spite of the wind. That is my biggest problem when I take photos of my dolls outside.

  4. so cute, and it looks lovely, but i love the backstory even more!!!! I would have been rolling my eyes and saying, enough Mother.....

  5. Wow! It looks great. I agree with LKaye - I will do a may pole next year. :)
    Getting dolls to stand outside is aggravating.
    Good job.


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