Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Make an Easter Basket for your Doll

We began with a small styrofoam cup.


Using a cutting tool, I removed a rectangle from the front and back of the cup, leaving two 1/2" strips on each side of the cup. I had to experiment with the size of the basket-and retry a few times until I got it right.  It is important that the strips  left on each side are the same width and are across from each other, so the handle lines up.

 Use hot glue to carefully glue the top of the handles together.  This gives a perfect little basket shape!

My girls had fun painting the baskets!  We used acrylic craft paint to paint the inside and out of the basket.  Use hot-glue to attach a little bow to the handle, fill with grass and you are done!

Here is a picture of Zoey's that she made...


  1. That's so cute!I love the bunny!!!

  2. I knew you would have the perfect craft for our easter celebration!! I love looking at all of the adorable crafts on your blog :)


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