Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Doll Portraits

We had an impromptu play date with Zoey yesterday, which began with a trip to the town hall for the girls  to have a pancake breakfast with the Easter Bunny, play Easter games and hunt for eggs, followed by a quick stop at a local store that was having free Easter Portraits with LIVE bunnies!  When we got back to our house, the girls played and I dug through my craft box to throw together some AG fun for the girls. After making Easter Baskets, Easter eggs, little pet bunnies, bunny hair bands and the Easter ribbon to hang behind the dolls for our 'Dolls Easter Portraits'  they posed the dolls in front of the Easter backdrop. I will share the doll portraits in this post, and some directions and more pictures of the other crafts later this week.

Zoey didn't bring her own doll today, as it wasn't a planned doll-play date, so she borrowed Samantha to play with.  She posed her on the Our Generation Doll Bike for her picture!  Samantha looks so cute and casual with the Easter Bunny in her basket and the garland hung behind her for the photo.  
I found textured craft foam at the dollar depot last week. This looks just like grass in our spring picture! 

Gracie's doll Kit, and Lily's doll Caroline were all dolled up for Easter with their new pet bunny's in their home-made Easter baskets!

Happy Easter from the girls!!!!  Sometimes I like to take pictures from different points of views- I was having trouble getting both dolls eyes to look at the camera today!

Gracie and Zoey thought that the stuffed bunny that Gracie won by guessing the jelly-beans in the jar at breakfast would make a good Easter Bunny to photograph the dolls with!

You can see our inspiration for the doll photos today!  I think the girls' idea to use a stuffed bunny works!

Hop to it and share your Easter Portraits with us on our facebook page or email them in!  We would love to see your dolls Easter Photos this week!

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