Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fun Finds!

I wanted to share a couple of recent fun finds with you...first is this site that has matching girl and doll bean bag chairs!  There are so many patterns and different fun designs to choose from.  You can buy a set or just the bean bag sized for your doll or other lovey.  I haven't seen them myself so am not sure what the quality is, but they look pretty cute from the pictures online and I love all the different colors and patterns that they offer.

The doll sized bean bag chairs are priced at $35.00 but they are offering a coupon for 15% off right now which would make them $29.75.  The coupon code for this offer is LilMe15.  I heard that there will be a special giveaway this coming Monday on their site as well...might be worth checking out, though I know that there are several readers of AG Doll Play that are creative enough to make their own version of doll bean bag chairs it's nice to know that there are some cute options out there for purchasing as well!

Another fun find that I happened upon recently was discovering that the Disney Store offers mini Micky Ears that are supposedly the right size for American Girl dolls!!  I haven't seen these in person yet, so am going based on what I read on a doll fan message board...but it seems to check out and make sense.  The cool factor?  They come in many different colors and right now there is a special on the Disney site offering that if you buy two mini hats you get them for $15.00 instead of $12.95 each.  

I also discovered from my personal shopper at the Minneapolis location American Girl store that there are several Bitty Baby items that are marked 30% off in-store but that if ordered through your personal shopper over the phone you will get the special prices as well.  The sale items include the following:

Bitty Bath Seat                                 $27.00
Changing Pad & Storage                $18.00
Baby’s Changing Table                   $30.00
Bitty Baby’s Crib                               $45.00
Baby’s Booster                                  $21.00
Bitty’s Stroller                                    $36.00
Bitty’s Travel Seat                            $31.00
Bitty’s Diaper Bag Set                     $27.00
Bitty’s Peapod Costume               $18.00
Snowy & Sweet PJ’s                       $18.00
Winter Wishes Outfit                     $18.00
Floral Front Carrier                          $24.00
Bitty’s Snack Set                               $15.00
Seaside Outfit                                   $18.00
Cozy Playdress                                  $18.00
Pretty in Purple Outfit                   $21.00
Mix & Match Outfits                       $30.00
Plaid Play Outfit                                $18.00
Basics ABC Blanket                          $12.00
Bitty Mealtime Set                          $14.00
Baby’s Crib Bedding                        $15.00
Baby’s Bottle and Rattle                $7.00

I also asked if you ordered up to the $100 mark if you could get the special FREE SHIPPING offer as well that is going on right now online and she said yes!  Bonus!

Have you found any fun finds lately on items that would be perfect for your 18 inch doll friends?  If so, we would love to hear about them!  Please share with us here in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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