Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doll Play - Getting the Easter Baskets Ready!

McKenna and Rebecca had fun getting the Easter baskets ready for all of their friends this year...I found the baskets at our dollar store in a pack of 8 baskets for $1.00.  I had left over Easter grass from last year so figuring out the dolls Easter baskets this year was a breeze!

We are wondering what the Easter bunny will leave the dolls this year...last year they got some fun food playsets from American Girl.  They are so excited to see what this year brings but they are a bit concerned that the bunny will be able to find them this year since we still have so much snow!

I'm going to guess that the Easter bunny will manage just fine...

Are your dolls ready for Easter yet?  In tomorrow's post we will share a tutorial on how to make an Easter basket for your dolls using a Styrofoam cup!

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  1. The more posts you you put on the better.I've read every post you have posted and I love you crafts!I am 10,I have Julie, and I am hopping to get Saige!!!you make awesome crafts and I love them!! I never miss a chance to see what you have posted! Keep crafting!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! It's really nice to know that we have readers that are excited about dolls just as much as we are! :)


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