Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thrift Store Finds - Kitchen Cabinet

On a trip to our local thrift/antique stores I found an assortment of furniture pieces that I thought could really be spruced up with white paint!  At first glance, I thought the rooster cabinet was not only really ugly, but also too big for the American Girl Dolls. When I stood the doll by it, it was not too big at all! I happened to be shopping on a slow day and the owner told me everything was 40% off. The rooster shelf was marked $14, but with the 40% savings it was only $8.  I took it home along with a few other finds - I will share the finished dresser in another post! 

I began with a can of white indoor/outdoor gloss white enamel spray paint.  I painted the cabinet with 3 coats of white paint.

Then, using WELDBOND glue - this is one of the best glues for crafting - to glue mini-tiles onto the counter-top.  I glued the tiles on touching each other so that I would not need to grout between them.

You can see that I glued the tiles in a random pattern of soft aqua blues and whites which match our doll kitchen perfectly!

The cabinet was a fantastic addition to our kitchen adding a ton of character and storage to our American Girl Doll Play space! To see more pictures of our doll spaces click here.  Also, be sure to share your thrift store finds on our Facebook Page or via email!


  1. Love this, I have got to bring a measuring tape with me next time I go to a thrift shop, probably have been missing great finds thinking things were too small. Thanks for inspiring us!

  2. So happy that you are feeling inspired Jean!

  3. I thought this was just about the cutest and cleverest idea I've seen and I filed it away in my brain, hoping to run across something similar. Today I drove past a yard sale on my street and did the "yard sale gawk" to see if there was anything--lo and behold, I found the EXACT same cabinet!!! She only wanted $1 for it too, I couldn't get the dollar out of my wallet fast enough. I am so thrilled, I loved what you did with it, never thought I would find one just like it. Not sure exactly how I'm going to do mine, I need to let the excitement wear off, lol!


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