When my family moved to Northern Wisconsin we rented a small house that was owned by Amanda and her husband Ryan.  Amanda and Ryan happened to have a little girl at the time (they now have two daughters) named Gracie who was the same age as Zoey!  The girls were shy with one another initially but that shyness quickly dissipated once they discovered that they would have many opportunities to play with one another throughout the next several years.  That play has evolved from play-dates starting from when they were 2 years old, which consisted of library story times, playtime at the park and beach to a love of music, movies, books, ballet, and most recently...a love of dolls!  They craft for their dolls, act out scenes with their dolls, have parties with and for their dolls and more! Gracie now has a little sister named Lily who is also getting into playing with dolls and sometimes gets in on the action with the older girls.  We are very lucky to have met this family when we did...we no longer rent a house from them but see them weekly and I am blessed to also call Amanda a good friend of my own as well (we just might have fun playing with dolls a teeny bit too!).

Here are all the girls at the American Girl store at the Mall of America, summer of 2012

Pictured from left to right above is: Gracie, Amanda, and Lily

Amanda is an art teacher at surrounding schools in the area and enjoys spending time with her family in the North woods of Wisconsin.  She enjoys gardening, painting and doing craft projects with her daughters as well as spending time with her husband and their friends.  


Shortly after moving to Northern Wisconsin I joined a group for young mothers of toddlers and met  Misty.  I knew that I was going to be friends with Misty the minute that I met her...she was a creative soul and I picked up on that right away!  She also had a daughter the same age as Zoey and they became fast friends as well.  Ruby and Zoey have had many tea parties, built many fairy houses and have enjoyed playing dress-up at pretty much every play date that they have ever had!  

Zoey and Ruby enjoying a tea party with their dolls.

Misty and Ruby

Misty is married and is the mother of two children, a boy and a girl, Mateo and Ruby.  She dabbles in many arts and crafts and works part-time out of the home as well as running her Etsy shop Furrowed Stitches.  In addition to running her Etsy shop she sells her handmade goods locally and at area craft shows.  She keeps busy with the kids and their activities that they are involved in and also enjoys spending time cuddling with their two wiener dogs.  She enjoys sewing and working with fabric as well as crafting for Ruby's American Girl dolls.

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