Thursday, January 17, 2013

Doll Play - School Photos

Have your dolls gotten their school photos taken yet this year?  If not, it might be a good time to get that under way.  In the play set Doll School by American Girl you get a paper background that looks like the background of traditional school photos.  You get to choose from a blue one or a green one.  We used some ticky tack and adhered it to the wall in Zoey's room and did a little photo shoot with some of her dolls for their school photos and then filled out a little questionnaire sharing about the particular doll so that we could remember certain things about each one for the year in question. 

Here is McKenna's list for the 2012 school year:

Full Name: McKenna Brooks
Nicknames: Sweetie Pie
Birthday: June 18, 2002
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite Subject in School: Science
Favorite Color: Blue and Pink
Favorite Book: Meet Julie Albright
Favorite Movie: McKenna, Shoot for the Stars
Favorite Television Show: Good Luck Charlie
Hobbies: Gymnastics, Dance, Running and Camping
Favorite Animal: Puppies
Favorite Insect: Butterfly
Pets: Dog named Honey

This or That...

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Coke or Pepsi: Neither...yuck!  Strawberry Shake.
Morning or Evening: Morning
Summer or Winter: Summer
Fruits or Veggies: Fruits
Rainy or Sunny: Sunny
Inside or Outside: Outside
Plane or Boat: Plane
TV or Movies: Movies
Mustard or Ketchup: Ketchup
Merry Go Round or Roller Coaster: Merry Go Round
Kiss or Hug: Both!
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