Friday, January 18, 2013

Doll Dream Wish List - What's on Yours?

We all have them...items that we would love to have or admire from afar that are doll related.  Some of those things end up on our Christmas and birthday lists and some just stay in our heads and hearts for awhile.  :)  I thought it might be fun to have a reoccurring post that share some doll finds that we love and in the process, you will get some doll eye candy as well!  Also, please know that you can chime in and share what's on your "wish" list's fun to see what's out there that we might be missing.

To kick it off we are starting our first Doll Dream List post with a theme, what theme you ask?  Why a princess theme of course!  Zoey has a Cinderella dress and a Belle dress for her dolls already and we were thinking the other day how fun it would be to collect all the princess dresses for her American Girl dolls!  Could you imagine?  So cool!  At the very least, a couple more would be fun to are some of our favorite princess dresses that we found for 18 inch dolls.

These first few are from the doll shop Holly Berry's Dolls on Etsy and we love them to pieces!  They look so much like the "real" princess dresses you see in the movies and in the books don't you think?

We were thinking that the Rapunzel dress would be perfect for Julie to wear...

Kristen would look beautiful as a Snow White in this dress...

Zoey's look alike doll would look so sweet as Sleeping Beauty in this gown...

Emily with her red hair would look perfect as Ariel in this super shiny and fun mermaid gown (we love this one!!!)...

And then there is this beautiful gown that is inspired by The Princess and the Frog's princess Tiana...we think Bella would look stunning in this!

We hope that you enjoyed this post and the beautiful doll princess dresses that we've found!

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