Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Doll Play Area - The Doll Bedroom

To continue on with our doll play area tour, we recently shared with you the doll bathroom and now we are moving on to the bedroom area which is just to the left of our bathroom.  I thought I would share where we got certain things since I have already gotten some emails inquiring about them...this way, it will all be in one spot and readily available and we can provide a shout out to our favorite merchants in the process.  

We found the bedding for the beds (includes mattresses, blankets, and three sets of pillows per bed) at Lil Maven Boutique and we LOVE everything to pieces, we couldn't be happier!  We chose the fabric and color combinations and are super pleased with the quality and the craftsmanship of the product itself.  Definitely a favorite find!  The doll pillow that you see that is pink and has Zoe embroidered on it was also an Etsy find and we got that from the shop Chibi Sews.  Zoey's look alike doll is "Zoe" so we got that special for her this Christmas.  :)

The doll beds are some of the things that I have gotten lots of email inquiries on and I have to say, I did a lot of research before purchasing doll beds for our area.  I knew I wanted them to be functional beyond just a bed, be efficient regarding space since Zoey's room is pretty small and look cute!  I found the loft bed (thats parallel to the back wall) and looks like this:

online somewhere for cheap (I always look for the cheapest price by comparing on Google shopping and then I look for coupons for the particular site as well).  This is made by Badger Basket and just doing a quick search for it right now I found prices for this bed ranging from $139.00 - $69.00 but I know that I got it for less so be a savvy shopper!

For the other bed that we have (which I put under the loft area of the loft bed where you see the little bench pictured above) I found, by the same brand Badger Basket, a bunk bed that fits perfectly under that little spot that I just mentioned.  I wonder, did they plan it that way?  :)  Anyways, this one can be found online ranging in price from about $51.00 - $83.90 and that's without searching for online coupons.  We adore both bed sets.  We can fit four dolls sitting on top of the loft bed (with their backs touching the wall) and two sitting on the top of the bunk as well as two on the bottom bunk.  

Right now we have the little white bench that came with the loft bed set at the end of the bunk bed but that usually switches around quite a bit depending on what the dolls are up to.

We have a little toy bin for the dolls for their games and favorite books, etc.  It's the catch all for their room I guess you could say.  The bin was found at the Dollar Depot and came in a pack of three for $1.  The pink rug underneath the bunk bed is actually a bath mat found at Wal-Mart in the bathroom section!  We also picked up a pink cup in the same section of the store and use it as a garbage can for the dolls and that is kept underneath the desk which we will show you next.

Here Rebecca is sitting at the doll desk after a long day of walking and taking some pictures...her camera by the way was made by one of Zoey's friends out of duct tape!  The outfit that Rebecca is wearing was made by my mom.  You can kind of see the pink cup underneath the desk in this picture.  We hung little mini posters on the loft bed here and there, kind of like Zoey's real room.

The bulletin board was another Dollar Depot find and currently has some doll school photos, a Get Well Card, an "I Voted" sticker and one of the doll's Library Passes.  Notebooks and schoolbooks are on the desk itself...

along with a handmade lamp (that really works!) also made by one of Zoey's friends, a little flower pot (again, given to Zoey by one of her friends), a pencil pouch and a folder.  We hung a mini calendar and McKenna's medal on the back part of the desk as well.

If you have any questions please ask away!  We hope that you enjoyed our little bedroom area tour!

Sweet dreams!

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  1. can you find out how to make the working lamp please ive been looking forever on how to make a doll lamp that actually works!

    1. If you have mini flash lights you can hang the around your dolls room

  2. So sorry, just seeing this comment now for the first time. Amanda made the lamp using clay which they painted and then on top they used a battery operated tea light...the lamp shade is a dixie cup that they decorated with some ribbon/trims. Hope this helps!

  3. where did you get that hello kitty calendar?

  4. where did you get that Hello Kitty calendar?

  5. Jennifer, I found the calendar at our Walgreen's on clearance for just a $1!

  6. Such an adorable Room! I love those bunk beds, and the bedding!

  7. This room is ADOLLABLE!:D
    Your blog is amazing!


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