Sunday, September 29, 2013


The first thing we did when our baby arrived is pick a name!  The girls had lots of ideas, but in the end Gracie decided to name her Daisy Anne, and I think it suits her. I absolutely love the expression on the new Bitty Baby's face! Our other Bitty Baby has brown eyes, so I am not sure if these eyes are the same as the blue eyes have always been or if they are new. I love the sparkle and depth of these blue eyes.  There is so much more color to them then the blue eyes of the 18" American Girl dolls we have.

                                                       shhhhhhhhhhh......she is sleeping!

Our brown eyed Bitty Baby, that we had, modeling the new purple 'brave' outfit that came in our Party Pack, next to the new blue eyed Bitty Baby.  In comparing the two dolls, I would say that the new baby has a little different mouth that appears to be smiling, she also now has eyebrows, which are an improvement.  The new baby has blonde eyelashes, again, because I didn't have a blonde older version of the baby to begin with, I am not sure if this is new or not?  I do like the look of the lighter lashes, and wonder if American Girl will do the same thing with the eyes of their 18" dolls? I always preferred the softer brown lashed of the Pleasant Company Dolls.

Here you can see that they do look different. I believe the new baby has a longer neck?  I can't decide if I like this change?

Both of our Bitty Baby's have asymmetrical faces with one cheek being significantly larger than the other. I honestly wonder if the dolls sent out are imperfect and this is why I am seeing this, or if this is the same on all the new Bitty Baby's.  I wish I lived near an American Girl Place, so I could see additional new Bitty's for myself.  The new vinyl seems softer on Daisy, and they changed the color of the body fabric as you can see in the photo below, the new dolls body is lighter than her face, where the old dolls body seems to match the head perfectly.  Again, I wish I lived near the store so I could compare.

We got our first Bitty Baby in July, and her head is all scuffed up.  I was curious to know if the same thing would happen to the new baby.  She has light hair, so it is less obvious than the darker hair baby, but by the time Daisy's first day ended she had 3 large white marks on her head.  With my nail I scratched most of the white off, but the spot is still faintly visible.  I tried the same thing on our first baby, but her scuff marks are still large and very visible. Daisy belongs to my 9 year old, so she has decided that Daisy will be wearing a hat or  bonnet to protect her head from now on!  Be sure to check back for more reviews and updates about our upcoming Bitty Baby House Party!


  1. Daisy is adorable. As I mentioned before I love that name. It really does suit her.

    1. Thank you! I am very surprised how attached my 9 year old it to her. It is fun to see her play babies with her little sister.


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