Saturday, September 28, 2013

Opening our Bitty Baby House Party-Party Pack!

This was our first experience with house party, so we really didn't know what to expect when we applied.  Once we were notified that we were selected to host a Bitty Baby House Party, I was able to search the site, and find out what we would be receiving.  For us, a new Bitty Baby (we selected the blue eyed, blonde hair baby when we applied) with it's wishing star and Bitty and Me book plus an extra outfit, extra book and a new Bitty Pet.  Our party pack also included gifts for 15 guests- 10$ off a 75$ Bitty Baby purchase coupons, a canvas print of a Bitty Baby illustration, a cardboard puzzle, color sheets, bookmarks, and an information page for the Moms coming. We were told that the party pack would be delivered by Oct. 1st, but on Sept 23rd, I received an email from UPS, with a tracking number and delivery date of Sept. 26th!  On the 26th, a box was left on our porch!

There was a letter about the contents of the box, and information about house party.

 The girls were excited to see what they were getting!

Because, Lily had picked out a Bitty Baby at the Madison Children's Museum Benefit Sale this summer, Gracie was the proud owner of the new Baby!

This meant that Lily was getting everything else in the box!  She got the book, "Bitty Baby the Brave."

The matching stuffed elephant and the outfit featured in the story!  Gracie also handed over the wishing star and book that came with her Bitty Baby.

We are excited to share our reviews of the new baby and share more pictures soon, so be sure to check back!

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  1. Congratulations! I love the blue eyes, but my youngest grandchild is brown eyed. I would love a Bitty Baby but my granddaughter shares when I visit so I'm good for now. Can't wait until you have your party to see all the goodies for the guests. I love the elephant. I though I would order a couple to go with my "girls" so they wouldn't be so lonely.

    Take plenty of pictures of the House Party. Looking forward to the girls having a great time!!


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