Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing w/Misty - Matching Girl and Doll Birthday Skirts

I enjoy sewing.  I'm self taught so I really enjoy it when I find an easy tutorial with pictures.  I saw this skirt a few years ago on No Big Dill but never got around to making one.  Then recently while playing around Pinterest I found it again and with Ruby's quickly approaching birthday I decided to give it a whirl!  Here's my version of a Biased Skirt using No Big Dill's tutorial found here.

A Biased Skirt for Ruby

These pictures were taken after a long day of school and a bus ride home that included the wearing of snow-pants thus the wrinkles!  My favorite part of this skirt is the back.  I love how the elastic gathers and gives the skirt a wee bustle.

Back of a Biased Skirt

I simply scaled everything down for the doll skirt.  I based my pattern off one of Ruby's doll skirts, used 1" strips of all the fabrics and 1/4" elastic in the waistband.  Assembly was exactly the same as with Ruby's skirt.  Crystal's skirt may not twirl as much as Ruby's but she too polite to say anything.

Biased Skirt for Doll

There are so many color possibilities with this skirt.  I'm finding that most simple "skirt" tutorials online can easily be scaled down for dolls.  They don't require much fabric and the dolls never seem to complain if they're itchy or too tight.

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