Saturday, March 16, 2013

Doll Play - St. Patrick's Day Slumber Party Part 1

We're almost at the end of our spring break off from school so we had to sneak in a sleep over with Gracie before our time was up and we were back into the full swing of things at school again.  We picked her up yesterday, early in the afternoon and that's exactly when the fun began!  I first made some festive green rice krispie bars while the girls were outside playing in the snow.  They were sledding and just goofing around for well over an hour and when they came in they were ready for some hot chocolate and the rice krispie bars too of course!  After their cocoa "tea party" they played in Zoey's room for awhile and then they were ready for some crafting.  Here are the crafts that I had put together (pretty quickly) since I hadn't really planned on doing too much for St. Patrick's Day when it came to the dolls.

Doll Necklaces - a pretty easy craft to put together for the girls.  We picked out the gold and green beads from Zoey's crafting stash and also the letters needed for the two dolls at the slumber party and the girls threaded them on some stretchy cord and they were done!

Zoe and Kit love their new necklaces!  It's fun too that the two dolls have special friend necklaces now as well.  So sweet!

I had exactly two of the beads that have the hearts on them...perfect!

Awhile back I had picked up a package of green shamrocks at my dollar store and I used those to create the doll's place-mats for the party.

Shamrock Doll Place-Mats - I cut a square of patterned green scrapbook paper (from the American Crafts collection from EK Success) and adhered one shamrock to the center of each square. I then stuck mini letter stickers on each mat spelling the name of the doll that it was for.

Up next was creating some mini St. Patrick's Day cards for the dolls to exchange.

Mini St. Patrick's Day Cards - This was perhaps the easiest of all the crafts!  I cut some mini strips of green cardstock paper and folded them in half for mini cards and printed these adorable FREE mini St. Patrick's Day printables and just had the girls stick them together with glue sticks and then they wrote them out to and from their dolls.

Next up was more of a craft for the girls but they were thinking that it might serve as a decoration to entice the leprechauns closer so that we may better trap them...or at the very least get to see a glimpse of them!  

St. Patrick's Day Jointed Leprechaun - Another easy craft...I printed the leprechaun here and then cut out all the pieces and adhered them to green cardstock.  The girls colored the leprechauns and then cut them out.  We poked holes at all the joints and added some hinged brads and they were done!  They turned out super cute!

Here is a picture of Gracie's finished leprechaun.

I made some little black pots (for the gold), one for each doll using my Silhouette Cameo and made some fake "Lucky" money to entice the leprechauns closer to the dolls.  The Lucky Bucks are so cute!!

Lucky Money - I printed the Lucky Bucks here.  Cut them out and glued them and folded them over and was finished.  They turned out super cute and are the perfect size for the American Girl dolls when scaled down in your printer settings.

I can't share a tutorial for this craft but I wanted to share it anyways since it's pretty funny and cute.  I cut some little leprechaun beards using my Silhouette Cameo machine and looped some stretchy cord through it and each doll gets to wear one along with their dollar store hats. The girls kind of actually thought the dolls looked a bit creepy wearing them.  :)

I think they just look funny!

Then to wrap up our crafting for today the girls each made a little bag to put all their little crafts in for when our sleepover is over.  I got the bags at our dollar store and actually had them in my stash already so was just able to pull them out and get busy.

The girls just used stickers on their bags and were done.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our St. Patrick's Day slumber party fun!!  We have a couple more fun things to share!

UPDATED to share a link to Part 2 of this post.  Enjoy!

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  1. Wow Jen! Looks like you and the girls had a fantastic night! Thanks for sharing the fun!

    1. The funny thing is, I had none of it planned! I started thinking about it when Gracie was here and it just went from there...totally worked out! :) If all goes well today the girls will make some Irish Soda Bread for the dolls. We'll see what they feel like doing.

  2. Replies
    1. It was!! We're going to try to make the Irish Soda Bread on your site today Char!!

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  4. Wow! Looks really fun! You are so amazing!

    1. Thanks Sierra! It was a fun time for sure! They are only young and want to do this kind of stuff for so long so I want to soak it up as much as possible now.


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