Monday, March 25, 2013

Doll Craft - Spring Potted Plants

With the first day of Spring and Easter just around the corner it's time for some bright and cheery crafts for our dolls...despite the fact that in real life here we have snow, snow and more snow and there is really no real sign of Spring yet to be seen we are at least having fun pretending Spring is really here with our dolls.

To make some potted plants for your dolls you will need the following: mini pots, plastic or silk flowers, fake flower arranging foam for your pots and some stickers.  I found all of these items at my local dollar store bringing the total of this craft to around $4.00 for three potted plants with some supplies left over for our next crafting adventure.

You will first need to cut your foam for the inside of the pots to size and then push each little rectangle piece as deep down into the pot as you can.

Cut or pick off some of the stems of your flowers and gently push them into your potted planting foam as pictured below.

Add as many flower stems as you wish until you are happy with how your potted plant looks.

Rebecca was so excited to finally have fun playing in the "dirt" and got out her trusty watering can so that she can now care for her potted plants.

We decorated our pots with some Spring and Eater themed stickers just for fun.  They really bring some cheer to our doll play area now and we are truly getting excited for Spring to really make it's appearance for real here as well!

Happy Spring to you!
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  2. Great idea! We actually found a tiny flower pot with soil and seeds to grow daisy flowers. My daughter got that for her dolls Easter basket. :-) I love the dress and the sign in the backround. Where did you find those?

    1. Theresa, the dress is actually one of the Bitty Twins dresses (Fresh Squeezed is the name) and I made the sign using cardstock and my die-cutting machine. :) The daisy flower pots will be precious!

  3. So cute! We are heading to a craft store today, might need to get a couple of these to let the girls do a craft while I work on something. Thanks for the idea!
    Pinned to the AG group board. :-)

    1. Thanks KC! Be sure to share photos if your girls do end up making them, we would love to see!!

  4. Just before I read this, I was thinking about how I don't feel like doing anything springy with my dolls, considering we bunches of snow... then I read basically the same thing I was thinking!! I'll defiantly have to try this.

  5. Yay! Hopefully this will bring a little Spring to you! :)

  6. I was wondering if I could use this pic on my doll mag. It will be the front cover.


    1. Delilah,

      That would be so exciting!! Yes, you may any photos for your doll mag! Thank you so much!


  7. These are really nice. Thank you for sharing.


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