Saturday, February 6, 2016

Some Great finds for Lea's Bahia Berry Stand!

We have added a few things to Lea's Bahia Berry Stand that I made last week!  (If you haven't started making yours yet, just go for it.  It is so easy if you follow the tutorial from American Girl Ideas. If I had had to buy all the paint and foam core, I would guess this has a cost of about $15 to make.)

I found this tin at Michael's for under $2! Just what we needed to hold cold beverages.  I used the ice from the OG ice cream truck and the bottles of sparking juice are from a retired AG fiesta set. 

The tin might be a little small, but it works.

While at Michael's we also found a tube of fruit.  I used the 40% off coupon so they were only $6. I love the textures and variety!  This set came with an assortment of fruits and veggies- my favorite is the artichoke! 

The doll can even hold the fruit!

But, the best find was this back drop I found from for $18 with free site to store pick up.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available on the site.  Perhaps they will return.  They are available HERE from the manufacturer.I have also seen these backdrops on ZULILY HERE.  If you try Zulily, type FunDeco in their search and you can follow FunDeco to receive an email when they return.

The backdrop has 4 scenes.  It is meant to be standing so you can play with all 4 at once, but it can easily be used flat or just in one corner.  I used the winter scene with the AG winter scene and they are exactly the same height and work well together.

And our favorite addition to the Bahia Berry stand-  LEA!!!!  Here is a quick shot of Lea with the girls visiting the beach.  Lea arrived yesterday!!  YAY! Gracie used some gift cards from Christmas to buy the sale package which included Lea, her mix and match swim suit sets and her beach accessories for $150 including shipping!  What a steal!  This is the first time we've welcomed a GOY doll so early in the year and I think we are going to enjoy having her all year and collecting for her throughout the year.. Gracie dressed Lea in Isabelle's clothes and I think they work for her! In fact I like these colors on her better than her meet dress- although she is not dressed for the beach! More pics of Lea to come.  I can do some comparisons of her and other dolls if you have any requests be sure to add them in the comments below.


  1. Hello, can you help me find some information about American Girl Dolls? I haven't been able to find answers on Google. Can you tell me what kind of label is in the doll clothes? And whether the doll itself has a label sewn onto it? If you have pictures of the labels that would be fantastic. Thank you for any help you can give.

  2. I absolutely adore the backdrop! <3 :) We have totally fallen in love with the new GOTY, Lea! You did a fabulous job making her smoothie stand! We tried our hand at making one out of cardboard, and it turned out pretty nice! You can check it out here:



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