Monday, January 18, 2016

Our American Girl Doll Playroom

The other day I realized that it had been a while since we last shared our doll room fact, I don't know if we've shared our arrangement since we moved two years ago! Whenever I think of sharing our photos, the room is either too messy (that's a good thing!) or I'm too busy. This weekend we were doing some organizing and it's a three day weekend here due to it being Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday (Hooray!) so I had the extra time.

We have long discussed whether or not we wanted a "doll house" in our room or if we just wanted things to be out and about. Zoey has always maintained the thought that she wanted things to be on the floor with the logic being things would be easy to play with, photograph, rearrange, etc. so we've never pursued an actual "house" of sorts but rather have things set up around the room.

This works for us...I know many people prefer doll houses and that's great! We are just sharing what works for us and our current space. Pictured above is our gymnastics area which can also be turned into a dance studio as needed.

Going clockwise around the up is the bathroom...

And then we have the doll bedroom and work space...(if you saw our original doll room set-up you will notice we do tend to keep things arranged similarly).

In front of the bedroom area we have our living space consisting of two flip chairs a table with a phone and the new American Girl TV and media/Entertainment center (which we adore!). To the right of the beds we have a little white armoire which holds little AG sets that aren't used as often (birthday sets, sewing machine, seasonal stuff, etc.) it also holds hair ties, rubber bands, brushes, earrings, etc. It's our little station for getting pretty.  :)

Next up is our kitchen. Yes...we have a picnic table in the kitchen. Honestly, I've never wanted to replace it with anything else because we can get eight dolls around this table which is really, really nice! Putting a table cloth on it helps make it look like it might belong in a kitchen...and it matches the retired wooden OG stove and fridge set that we have (and love). I hung a little shelf above them for kitchen storage as you can see.

Here is a space that we switch out a bit depending on what's going on with the dolls. Right now we have the diner set up and our sweet shoppe. Sometimes it serves as the area where our Christmas tree is set up, or our school, theater, etc. The chalkboard on the wall is just a decal so we can easily remove it if we wish.

We have fifteen 18 inch dolls in our collection. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to have them ALL out in the room...we are using this little wall shelf for displaying those dolls that may not be being used at the moment. It also kind of serves as decor for the room itself.

To the right of our diner I have a little white cubby shelf (I have two of these in this room), on the top of this one we have our doll salon...this again is something we can easily move to the floor as needed or it's ready for photo opportunities as is right now.

Inside the cubby is American Girl books, magazines and playsets/craft sets.

Our second cubby shelf is behind the door upon entering the room. This stores more of the American Girl playsets and other odds and ends. Each bin holds a specific theme of items. One holds all the clothing and small stuff for the diner, one is for school stuff, one is for ballet/gymnastics and the last one holds hospital stuff.

In the closet we have some unattractive but necessary storage. This is where all of the AG clothing, shoes and extra "stuff" is stored.

And, while it's hard to get a whole shot of the room...this is the best I could get.

It's not crazy fancy but we love our space and truly feel lucky to have it! We didn't always have a room just for our doll obsession so we are so very thankful to have this special space to play.

We would love to see how your space is set up if you have one! It's always fun seeing other people's spaces and ideas. Feel free to link them in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You guys are so lucky to have a whole room!

    1. We didn't always!! We are very thankful for the space indeed. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your doll room/space! It's so bright, and well set up, and really organized! It looks so fun!:D This was an awesome post!:)
    PS- I really like the idea of storing the dolls that you aren't using at the moment in that shelf so they can be displayed!:D

    1. Thanks Emma!! It's so nice in the afternoons as we get the sun shining in the window which is great for taking photos! :) It's not always so organized!!

  3. Your bright and welcoming space is really attractive. I think that it allows for much creativity in play with some areas set up to represent rooms and others more open-ended for what you may be inspired to do on a particular day. Thank you for this post with all of the great ideas and photos.

  4. Wow! That's great! I really like your set up; it's something to aspire to with my own collection.


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