Maryellen Stretching at the Barre

Sunday, January 3, 2016

We were surprised at Christmas and got Maryellen! American Girl's newest historical doll and we love her! She has such pretty hair, with a hint of's shiny and wavy and so easy to take care of too! Her bangs are adorable...Zoey is really happy about adding her to our doll family.

I thought today I would share some pictures of Maryellen working at the barre doing some of her stretches for ballet.

Zoey also got the ballet barre and mirror for Christmas, it's made by Pottery Barn Kids.

It's perfect for one doll to work at it at a time and is heavy enough that the doll using it can lean on it and it won't tip over. Nice! 

I like that it's white and therefore can go pretty easily in our play room without being a garish addition (if it was a crazy color)...I'm thinking it would be fun to add it into McKenna's workout area too! I had seen this version of the dance studio too from Toys R Us but wasn't convinced due to it looking not as sturdy as the wood one and the colors didn't really go with our play area.

What was your favorite gift this year? Please feel free to share with us!

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