Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Amazing Little Camera- For Lea?

I found this most adorable Camera
on Amazon for just $3.99 (shipped).  It was advertised as a keychain that actually flashes and makes camera sounds when you press the shutter!  I don't think the actual American Girl doll Lea's camera does this!?! I am so impressed with this feature!

 My daughter Gracie has really been into photography lately so I ordered a different doll sized camera that someone had shared on a Facebook group- it was a USB jump drive made to look like a Canon Camera.  But, after I ordered it, I saw that the button worked on this one, and went ahead with both.  The other one is coming from China and won't arrive till March I think. If it is a good fit for the dolls, I will share pictures.  Here are two very short clips of the camera in action!

If you live near Party City or Target, I was told they sold something similar or the same- and just a dollar!  Good luck-these are great!


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  2. So cute! Thank you for sharing, I am going to have to look for these next time I am at Party City😊

  3. Adorable! I like that it looks more like a real camera. Lea's is nice, but bright blue is an uncommon color. Still it is better than Jess's butterfly camera.


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