Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Close-Up of the Accessories from Maryellen's Diner

When we were thinking about getting Maryellen's Diner from American Girl I searched the web for anything and everything I could find for all the details about it, including pictures of the individual accessories that came with it. I love to do my research! Where we live, it's hard to watch videos as our internet package is on a data plan and anything that we watch eats up our monthly data package (this is due to living in the Northwoods!) so I was looking for static pictures and couldn't find any other than those on the AG website, and I like "real" photos as I feel they represent the pieces more authentically. Which led me to the creation of this post. Obviously, you can see that we opted to go ahead and get the diner and we are so glad that we did!! This is our biggest AG purchase and we were able to go ahead with it due to our having some gift cards to use to help bring down the cost.

As I shared, we LOVE the diner...the only thing that we would have changed would be adding a few necessities when it came to the accessories! A couple of things we found to be missing were: a blank order pad, salt and pepper shakers, coffee pot, coffee mugs, syrup for the pancakes, silverware (how are they going to eat those pancakes?), a "real" phone (instead of the sticker one!), and a napkin dispenser for the table would have been nice too.

Here is what DID come with the diner...

The hamburgers are fun since they come apart (you can grill the patties on the grill and then assemble) and it was a nice touch that the top bun has a little notched area for the tomatoes to sit in to help the burger stay together. The burgers are pretty huge though...they take up most of the plate!

We LOVE the bell and that it really dings! The best accessory in our opinion!

We are happy with the food...

We love the paper trays that come with the set...will be so fun to serve up an order of fries using these!

The ketchup and mustard bottles will be handy to have too.

The four guest checks are nice, but again, it would have been nice to have an order pad for our dolls to place their own orders.

To round out our accessories for the diner I went ahead and purchased the Cute as a Pie Kitchen Playset from Our Generation (Target brand) mostly for the salt and pepper shakers, sugar shaker, syrup dispenser, coffee pot and coffee cups. I put the rest of the items in our doll kitchen.

Just those items alone really rounded out our diner accessories!

We are having so much fun with the diner! We love that it can be folded up, moved around easily and rearranged with ease. The dolls have rated the diner      

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