Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wow!  I just thought I would share how amazing American Girl's customer service is!  I purchased Julie's sound accessories a year ago, and the record player stopped working.  Well, I kept thinking soon I will get back to the AG Place at Mall of America and exchange it, but it never happened.  When I placed an order online, and didn't realize there was an active free shipping code, I called customer service to see if they could apply the free shipping code.  When I called, the woman was super friendly and did apply the free shipping to my order.  I decided to ask her about the record player that stopped working.

She transferred me to a different person.  I explained that the record player, shortly after buying it, it stopped playing music but it continued to spin.  I also explained that I had tried replacing the batteries and tried the reset button, but it still didn't work.  I told her that I purchased the set at the Minneapolis store with the help of a personal shopper, and that I didn't think I had my paper receipt any longer, but thought the store would have a record of the purchase.  She asked me to hold briefly and came back to tell me that she could send out a replacement record player!  I asked if she would include a shipping label so I could return the broken one.  She said it wouldn't be necessary.  Wow!  Within a week our new set arrived.  I am so impressed and so glad that American Girl stands behind their products.  It makes those expensive investments worth it!

                                           ~Amanda, Gracie and Lily

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