Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating the 4th With a Doll Parade

 This morning, my daughters Gracie and Lily and their friend Zoey decided that the dolls should celebrate the 4th of July with a parade.  We began by dressing the dolls, some would be in the parade and others would watch.  We thought Zoey should have brought more than just one doll today, because our crowd was pretty small, but the girls had fun performing just the same.  We decided to spend a little time decorating our horses, bike and scooter with streamers and balloons.

Rapunzel waved to her friends as the parade line-up started.
Woooah! Caroline said as her horse started to trot!  Kirsten's pony took off running after before she was ready!

Kit stretched and warmed up before the parade started!

Kirsten and her pony are ready for the festivities to begin!

Caroline claps to the music!

The girls are so excited, they cannot wait for the parade to begin!

Out came the sign! Happy 4th!


Yeah it is time for the parade to begin!


Kit was full of tricks today! 

"Oh look at Kit!" Julie shouted
Oh my!  How does she do that?!!?!?

Hold on, time to dismount...

Wow, did you see that?!
Caroline showed off a bit too!

We used blew up small water balloons to decorate the scooter.






  After the parade the girls posed for one last picture together!  They had a lot of fun getting dressed up, decorating their props and performing in the parade!

All this work and everyone was STARVING!  Nothing better than a picnic with friends after the parade!


  1. fabulous parade girls!!!! Looked like a fun time!!!

  2. Wow Kit and Caroline are really acrobats. Love all the photos and dresses. So amazing. Bet they all had a wonderful time, especially the real kids!

  3. Both leotards came from Walmart. They were around $10, and came with pants, and other accessories.


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