Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Raining, it's Pouring...

It was a rainy day yesterday, I had to run to Walmart to pick up a birthday gift for my daughter's friend and when I saw this darling Playing in the Rain Set I had to pick it up. It is from the 18" My Life as... doll brand.  I paid $14.95, and it came with a cute red vinyl rain coat, red and white galoshes, a working umbrella, black and white striped pants, a pet dog complete with his own matching rain gear.

I was afraid that the rubber galoshes would be difficult to get on, but they are split all the way up the back and slipped on without a problem.  The little buckles on the side and the white detailing really add to the realism.

The pet dog comes with the set, Kirsten can't wait for him to meet Coconut!

He comes with his own matching raincoat, umbrella hat, collar with tag, and a matching red leash we found when we took off the raincoat to try it on our AG brand pet cat Ginger!  The set does fit the AG cat too, and I would guess that the same would be true of Coconut..but right now he is MISSING!  Kirsten may need to hang some missing dog posters around the neighborhood!

You can see how easily the umbrella stays in Kirsten's hand.  It is sized perfectly and balances well.  It comes with an elastic band that slips over her wrist to enable her to really hold the umbrella.  The umbrella comes in the closed position and opens just like a real umbrella!

Ooooh! That puddle looks like fun!  Kirsten enjoyed walking in the rain today- right through the mud, and when she was done the mud rinsed right off the rubber boots!

If you can find this set, I would highly recommend it!  At $14.95, you cannot beat the number of pieces, the fit and attention to detail!  The ONLY improvement that I could see, would be if they had lined the hood with the polka-dot fabric.  You don't notice it when the hood is up at all- still very cute!!!  So glad we found it on this rainy day!

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