Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From the Weekend...

With it being a holiday weekend here we had plenty of time to get out the dolls and have some play time with them.  It felt good since it had been awhile for us due to being extra busy the end of the school year upon us.

Zoey got out Zoe and Bella to help with some gardening projects around the yard.


The adorable gardening outfit was made by Tallulah Sophie.  It included the green and white polka dot shirt, the coveralls, bandana, shoes and gardening apron.  The set also came with the purple gardening pot.

The girls first project was to pot some plants for the yard.  I think they chose some nice ones don't you?  :)

Bella is wearing the gardening apron while she waters some of the freshly potted plants.

After done potting the plants they assembled all of their things to clean up a bit before having a picnic.  The weather this past weekend was just perfect for a picnic and after working so hard in the yard it felt so good to enjoy their efforts while still outdoors.

Zoe can never sit still for too long though and as soon as she finished up her meal she was off to look for a good spot to put their birdhouse that they had painted.

She found a spot quickly near what looked to be a little fairy house...perfect!

It was such a fun day for everyone!  Zoey actually did some planting in the yard too...she planted some sunflowers which we hope the deer won't get once they start sprouting.

And then she also put together a little fairy garden...

It was such a beautiful weekend here!  I hope that wherever you are it was a good one as well.  I know that this past weekend made me really excited for summer, I am ready for school to be over with so we can have more free time and of course more fun in the sun with the dolls!!

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  1. I love ... LOVE! your Fairy Garden!!! thanks for sharing your fun day!

    1. Thanks Robin! We had a really nice weekend here.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank YOU for reading and taking the time to comment! :) I hope you had a great weekend as well.

  3. Very cute and fun! It all looks really great!

  4. Sweet photo story, and beautiful Spring colours to look at.

    1. We are so excited about it being Spring here finally!!! We had snow forever it seems!

  5. Great pics! Love your blog :)


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