Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Queen's Treasures New Bakery Shoppe!

As you may or may not have known, The Queen's Treasures was having a giveaway recently on their Facebook page allowing for one person that commented and shared their Facebook update to win either a $100.00 gift certificate to The Queen's Treasures online store OR their brand new Bakery Shoppe!!  This Bakery Shoppe is perhaps the sweetest thing that I have yet to see for 18 inch doll play!

What could be cooler than having a bakery shoppe for your 18 inch dolls? Hmmm...perhaps the ability to have this shoppe turn into a tea room perhaps?

Or maybe your dolls would rather do some shoe shopping?  

I love that they created interchangeable signs so that this play set can really pack some play power punch!  We are really excited about this play set and we are also really excited to share that WE WON the giveaway from The Queen's Treasures!!  I couldn't believe it when I was scrolling down the Facebook status updates the other day and I saw the announcement.  I was sitting at the kitchen table helping Zoey with her math homework and squealed out loud when I read it!  Of course then Zoey found out right away because I was too excited to keep it a secret and she was the only one home and I had to share it with someone!  After thinking about it, she was debating for some time between the Coconut Smoothie Shaved Ice Stand

or the Bakery Shoppe and despite the fact that she knows she won't be getting the Bakery Shoppe until the safety testing is completed (love a company that takes that so seriously and is up front about it) which will mean June...she chose the Bakery Shoppe!  I was so proud of her for choosing it despite the fact that she'll have to wait for it.  Her birthday is in the middle of June so it will definitely make for a fun bonus surprise when the time rolls around to our receiving it.  We can't wait!!  We've already decided that we are going to make our own additional signs that will fit in the slots and paint them with chalkboard paint so we can have a book store, a vet, a flower stand, a lemonade stand, a grocery, etc. The play factor for this set is truly endless!!

THANK YOU so very much to The Queen's Treasures for this amazing gift!  We are just blown away that we won!  

We will definitely be sharing photos and our thoughts on the Bakery Shoppe with our readers when we receive it this summer!

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  1. Congratulations!! Whoot whoot for you!!!

  2. Awesome! The bakery is adorable! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Sierra!! We can't wait for it to arrive so we can share photos!! :)

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