Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Product Review - American Girl Deluxe Diner Set

This past Christmas Zoey got the American Girl Deluxe Diner set from Santa and it has proved to have lots of play power since.  It's essentially a kit and backdrop all in one for dining fun for your dolls.  You get a book that has lots of ideas for play and craft how-to's and images for inspiration as well as lots and lots of fun paper punch outs for signs, menus table decor, food items, etc.  The accessories and the paper items are truly the best part.  It has been so much fun for Zoey to "make" all the little things for the diner and for the dolls.

You get a little cardboard fold-out easel to hold your diner chalkboard that you can really write on with chalk.  On the reverse side is a white board.  There are punch out open and closed signs for your diner.  Pictured here is one version of what's included.

Zoey punched out and folded a pizza box...here Emily is headed out for delivering a tasty pie to a friend.  We love the pizza box!  It makes an appearance at sleepovers too!

Also included is a heavy duty cardboard table and two fold out chairs for your diner.  They are really of good quality and look cute as well.  You could put some fabric over the table if you wanted to make it look a bit more like a real table or for more of a fancier occasion but the table by itself totally works too. It's meant to look like a wrought iron table we are thinking with the way it is designed, like something that would be outside on the patio. The counter that Rebecca is standing behind is actually one of the little drawers that was in the box when all folded up.  Great use of product space if you ask me.

Here you see Rebecca getting a take-out box ready for a customer. Also included are several debit cards and coupons...as well as punch out money. You can also see an adorable guest check book in Rebecca's apron pocket (two are included).  Apron is not included though they do have a paper punch-out version that you can make which we haven't done yet. Behind Rebecca here is another chalk board on the actual wall itself that you can use.

There are table tents showing different menu options and thank you cards...

The playset also comes with two brown bags that you can leave plain or add some fun stickers to...we added the bakery stickers to ours for now.

Here are some of the things included in the set...

Overall this is a really wonderful play-set that allows for creativity and for lots and lots of time spent playing.  It is packed with so much...some of the things not pictured that are also included are: a pan of frosted cinnamon rolls, two cups of hot chocolate, two guest check books, two cupcakes with liners and two plated pieces of pumpkin pie.

Rebecca (and Zoey and I) give this play-set an enthusiastic two thumbs up!

Our dog Leo...may not be enthusiastic, but he is happy that while we are playing with dolls, he gets to chill a bit...usually.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting your review - I was looking at this for my daughter (soon to be 7) for Christmas, but seeing there were no photos in the catalog I had no idea how it would look or if it was worth the $$$ - now thinking it will make a great b'day gift come end of April :)

    1. Karen, so happy that we could help out! It really is a fun set and in our opinion, worth the purchase. We love all the little things that come with it the most. :)

  2. It is soooo cute! I love it! I saw your blog somewhere and I really looooove it! I also love that you post every day because sometimes it is hard when people post like once a month! You have a great blog! Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing that you found us and that you are happy with our posting! We're still pretty new so it's hard to gauge whether or not people are reading or not and/or liking what they see!! Really appreciate the feedback!

    2. I LOVE your website too!

  3. This is the best blog ever! I found it somewhere as well and check everyday for updates, i also try out some of the craft ideas. This is the cutest set up ever. My cousin has the same set, that she got for christmas, and i can tell she loves it.


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