Doll Play - Hair Styling

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yesterday Zoey got out her salon chair that we had picked up at Wal-Mart awhile back and got busy styling Kristen's hair.  It's getting more and more fun for her to style her dolls hair now that she is getting older.  She is always so careful with her dolls hair and in the past has always brought her dolls to me to do fancier hair styles.  It's fun to see that she's doing more and more of them now on her own and that they are looking pretty cute!

The salon chair that she had gotten came with some salon supplies which included a faux hair dryer so Kristen got a "blow out" while at the salon.

Here is the back of Kristen's look...

 and the front.  :)

Zoey was pretty proud!  Where do you go to get hair style ideas for  your dolls?

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  1. Very cute! Good Job Zoey. Styling is really fun. I look at AG catalogs and the AG doll hair styling books for hair ideas.

  2. Thanks Sierra! We don't have any of the hair styling books yet but get ideas from the catalog too!

  3. Super cute! Btw, I might have a guy's name because this is my dads account.

  4. Awesome to create a new world for kids at your age where you need happyness and love god bless u all :-)


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