Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin outfits for American Girl Dolls

Jen had shared with us that the Bitty Baby clothes often fit the 18" American Girl Dolls so n a recent trip to the American Girl Outlet Store in Oshkosh, WI I found some darling outfits that were discounted, two were Bitty Twin outfits and the third was the Bitty Baby holiday dress.  I paid $8 each for the Bitty Twin outfits and $10 for the Bitty Baby dress. Each set also came with a little book that my 5 year old loves to read!  I am so happy that I took Jen's advice and looked at the Bitty Baby clothes on this trip to the AG Outlet because there weren't too many other new finds in the American Girl Doll section.

This Bitty Baby dress, at $10 came with the tights, shoes, headband and very cute dress!  I love the headband that really completes the look!  You can see that the length of this dress is PERFECT for the American Girl doll.  The shoes are a little snug and a bit tricky to get on, but they look pretty cute once on.  The tights are an excellent fit.  The headband is snug on the sides, but also works. The AG Outlet had the matching girl dress too, but I passed it up because they only had the size 7.  This would fit Lily now, but most likely be too small by December.

The Prairie Tunic set for the Bitty Twins looks so cute too - especially for just $8!  This set came with the jean - capri, tunic top, head bandanna and shoes.  The belt is attached to the top. The pants have an elastic waist and are made of a stretchy material  They are easy to dress the 18" doll in and fit well. 

The tunic top is really cute.  The sleeves fit at 3/4 length on the AG doll.  The shirt opens completely up the back with velcro closure that make this outfit simple for my younger daughter to dress the dolls in.The top is a little loose through the middle.  I am not sure if the Bitty Twin is a little thicker through the middle than the AG Doll, or if this top is just meant to be a loose fitting style.  Either way- the pants fit perfect in the wast, and the top looks REALLY CUTE on the American Girl Doll.  Wouldn't this set be cute with a pair of tall brown boots!

 The embroidered headband is really cute- I think Julie would look great in this set!

The headband has a full back with elastic along the bottom.  It goes on like a hat, and ties over the elastic.  VERY easy to put on the doll!

I had actually stopped at the AG Outlet on Friday on my way through Oshkosh and only bought this 2010 Bitty Twin Dress set along with the Bitty Baby dress.  But after dressing the doll in the dress, and seeing how cute the doll looked in it, we stopped at the AG Outlet as we passed through Oshkosh on our way home on Sunday and my daughter bought the matching Bitty Twin Tunic set.  In my opinion these outfits look much cuter on the AG doll then the Bitty Twins that were modeling them at the store!

Marie-Grace looks so cute in this style of dress, and these are her colors for sure! This set came with the dress, separate embroidered vest, and boots!  The bandanna would look cute with this set too. I think the feather motif on the fabric would be a great addition to Saige's closet too!  In fact Kit is wearing her feather necklace we made at our Saige Slumber Party with her outfit now!

Best friends look so cute in coordinating outfits!  I am so glad that the American Girl Outlet store is on the way to Grandma's house and  guess it is a really good thing that I DON'T live closer to the outlet store - I would really have trouble passing that store and NOT stopping!!!!  I love American Girl and really LOVE the American Girl Outlet Store!


  1. Super cute! They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll be going to the MCM sale and the Outlet for the first time this July! All the way from Texas! Your posts make me want July to come even more!
    *Author of Melody Travels*

    1. Lindsey, we will be going for the first time ever too!!! Perhaps we will see you there! :)

  3. i want to buy some bitty baby and bitty twin outfits fro my emily bennit doll s sometime!


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