Sunday, February 3, 2013

Meet Gracie and Lily's Dolls

I want to introduce you to our doll family!  From top left we have Samantha, Julie, Tracie, Angellee, Second row: Marie-Grace, Kirsten, Alice, and sitting on the couch Kit, Caroline, and Ivy.

My love for American Girl dolls began when Santa brought me Kirsten in 1984.  Samantha was my sister's doll from the same year.  I remember getting the American Girl catalogs, and really wanting Felicity when she was first introduced!  In 2010, Santa's elves repaired Kirsten's broken leg, and he gave my daughter Gracie her first American Girl Doll!

Tracie and Angellee in the back row are 20" My Twinn brand dolls.  Alice, with the red hair, was my youngest daughter's first 18" doll; she is an Our Generation doll from Target.

Last June we took our fist trip to the American Girl Doll store at the Mall of America with Jen and Zoey. Gracie picked out Julie and Lily got her first American Girl doll Ivy.  We have such great memories from the girls weekend with Jen and Zoey! 

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  1. i love the first vist movie you did a good job next time maybe i could come toplease thanks for being good friends


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