Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Making Valentine's Day Socks, Leg-Warmers and Hairbands From a Pair of Socks!

After making our Valentine's day dresses, I knew just what the dolls needed to complete the outfits!  Gracie, my 8 year old, loves myfroggystuff on YouTube and found a tutorial to make doll socks.  This was our inspiration for today's project.  I found two pairs of knee-high Valentine socks at Walmart for under 3$. 

Remember, I am not a seamstress, and am not one to actually measure when I craft- so I laid the sock under the doll foot to see how long to make it. I then cut off the top of the sock.

I turned the sock inside-out, and sewed 2 parallel lines down the center-close together. 

You can see the first seam is already on the sock and I am adding the second line.  I then cut between the 2 seams, and then sewed the toe shut. Or leave the toe open and you have leg warmers!  I found that the leg warmers needed to be a little shorter then the sock. 

The leg warmers on Kit are made from further down on the knee-high sock, so the top and bottom I just left unfinished and tucked under when I put them on her.  The headband was even easier! Just cut  a strip from the leg of the sock- look how cute Samantha is with her socks and headband!  You can also tie a little scrap onto the headband for a little extra cuteness!  If you come up with any cute Valentine socks, leg warmers, or headbands be sure to share them with us on facebook!

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  1. My granddaughter is visiting this week. I got a cute pair of socks at the dollar store. Can't wait to try this.


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