Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EASY Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Box

For this project, I found a pack of pre-cut heart shapes from Walmart for under$1.  It came with an assortment of sizes and patterns.  Or, you can just cut a heart from card-stock!  I saw on pintrest a craft where someone folded a toilet paper roll to make a heart stamp, and thought that a toilet paper roll would be perfect for this craft!  I began by slicing the toilet paper into rings approx 1/3" wide.  Then I pinched them into heart shapes.

 I used a hot glue gun to adhere the cardboard to the heart.

To make sure the lid would open, I folded a second heart and placed it inside of the one already glued down.  I left it sticking out, as you can see in the photo above.

Then I put some hot glue around the top edge, and pressed the 'lid' (another pre-cut heart) onto the hot glue. You have to work quickly or the hot glue will cool too much and not stick. I find the 'high-temp' glue works so much better than the low-temp, but my girls were helping with this, so we used the low-temp glue gun, and it seemed to hold just fine.

To finish the edge, where the cardboard was showing, I used a glue stick, and strips of metallic paper,  My girls embellished the tops of the candy box with some cute stickers!  WOW!  Soooo easy, and Julie can't wait for her friends to come over on Valentine's Day to share this special gift! 

If you want to place some mini-puffballs inside you could fill the box with candy too!


  1. cool I wish my mom would build me a ag doll house she makes me build mine out of card bored I looks kinda tacky :( :O :P


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