Monday, February 4, 2013

A Look at Lily's Doll Room

My mother in law asked me if I wanted this little book-shelf and being thrifty, I thought we could do something with it!  Originally it had 2 shelves, I took out the lower shelf to give the dolls a little 'study' under the beds.  Lily hung the blue fabric on the bed yesterday, when I took it off of Gracie's bed- it is not part of the regular set-up!  We then used a towel and bandanna to create the 'bed' on the shelf and set a plastic doll bed that came from Walmart on top!  At the time of putting this all together, I was thinking about building a doll house for the American Girls, so I didn't want to invest time into painting the book shelf.  I think that once summer comes and I can take the shelf outside, I will.  I think white outside, and some fun colors on the 'walls' would really help to make it feel  like a room!

Here is a close-up of the inside of Lily's study!  The tall dresser was a great find! Only $7 from Michaels!  It came unfinished and had to be painted.  I used spray paint- super easy!  Then I glues a mosaic of little pink tiles to the top of the dresser.  This is a great little place to store those little doll accessories.  Lily is a little 'horder' when it comes to her dolls.  She can often be caught raiding Gracie's doll space for little items that she moves into her doll room!  Thus, she has quite a cluttered space!

I found a stick-on tap light for overhead lighting at the dollar store.  The disco-ball also came from the  dollar store.  It was an over sized Christmas ornament, but I thought it would be fun in the doll room!  I found Kanani's surf board at the American Girl Outlet in Oshkosh for $10. I re-purposed a little hanging shelf from my girls bedroom to use as a desk.  I used a locker mirror and white board.  I just hot glued them right to the wall.   I found 3 little wood shelves at the dollar store that I spray painted pink, and then hot glued on top of each other to create the little display shelf in the corner.

Here is a better view of the desk, and all the little things Lily has gathered!

To take this photo, I am on the couch- looking back.  You can see how Lily's book shelf-loft is right next to the desk that Gracie uses for her doll bedroom.  Then, just in front of Lily's doll bedroom is the kitchen, then the spa/bath.  It is quite the spralling doll rooms!  I really wish we had the space in our house for a dedicated doll room, but for now-I am glad that my husband tollerates our LOVE FOR DOLLS!!!

This is our doll living room, it is right next to the spa.  It is interesting how this came together.  The little couches were originally bunk-beds for a slightly smaller doll.  They came from Grandma, who got them at a thrift shop.  We were able to remove the side rail and made the bottom and back cushions.  Grandma also found the doll chair-long before we were into American Girl Dolls!  I made the backdrop- using a white cardboard tri-fold display board.  I made the fire-place at Christmas out of foam core and a lot of hot glue!  Our whole living room is set up on a toy-train table that has two huge storage drawers underneath.  The drawers add a ton of storage for doll clothes!   I really like the little stickers and punch-outs that I found last week to hang on the wall!  They matched perfect, and had such inspiring quotes for my girls! Hope you love our doll space as much as we do!


  1. Ok, Im in love this is now my favorite blog!!! I love this place.. so many dolls, bright colors and awesome projects! Wonderful job!

  2. So cute! How did you hang the surfboard?


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