Friday, January 4, 2013

Doll Craft : Make a Pair of Pants and a Skirt Using a Sweater Sleeve


I had splashed some bleach on one of my black sweaters awhile back but had hung on to the sweater thinking I could possibly do something creative with it some day, not exactly sure of what that might be.  Well, I stumbled upon this blog post for making doll yoga pants and knew right away what I was going to use to try it out!  My black sweater of course!  I pulled it out and cut and stitched up one sleeve for the pants and simply just cut the other sleeve to create the simple black skirt.  The cuff of your sleeve serves as the waist for the doll's skirt or pants.  Using a jersey material would be great for this project as well since it would roll up a bit at the edges.

Zoey didn't have any black bottoms for her dolls yet so now she has not one black bottom but two!  The black pants are great to be used as leggings as well as they are pretty form fitting.  :)



As you can see, Zoey loves her "new" doll clothes as well. 

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