Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doll Accessories Organization

Along with our doll family growing our doll accessories have been growing at a lightning speed as well!  You can see the "before" photo there on the left, our strategy for storing miscellaneous items was not the best.  It consisted of small items being stuffed into zip lock bags and then larger items being stuffed in along with the bags into our doll armoire.  Not very fun when you go and try to get out one little thing and the whole closet of items come tumbling out!  Yesterday I stopped by our local dollar store and picked up some plastic storage bins that I knew would fit and got busy organizing.  One container holds food and drink items, one holds kitchen and baking accessories and the other is miscellaneous items (bowling set, gardening set, etc.), and then along the side we have our larger items stored (two breakfast in bed trays picked up on the Cyber Monday sale at American Girl and the stand for the gingerbread house).  I removed the closet rod out of the armoire since we didn't use it for clothing...and it holds three plastic bins perfectly! The drawers on the bottom hold other miscellaneous items.  I love that everything for the most part is now contained and that we can see what is inside the bins before opening them up and getting everything out of the closet.  

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  1. It looks so much better. Very organized! Thanks for sharing this idea. You really did a good job in organizing them.

  2. There is really an obvious transformation. It looks great when you have organized it and place it on boxes. It is now better to look at.


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