Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little Doll Surprise Coming Our Way

For Christmas this year my mom and step dad gave me a little fun money to do with as I pleased, and I decided to use it to go towards the American Girl vanity and bathtub set (lucky Zoey huh?!).  They should be on the way to us now and we can't wait to open them up and get busy setting up our "bathroom" for the dolls!!  We have already been rearranging the doll area and hanging some cute posters where the bathroom will be. We were lucky to find the shower at the American Girl outlet store a couple weeks ago so of course it got us started in on thinking about getting the complete set.  Funny how that happens isn't it?  :)  Really though, it will be nice to have the vanity since it will also provide for some more storage for little things for the dolls as well as provide some definite play value.  
We did look at some of the competition's doll bath tubs and while they are cute and come with some great accessories, they didn't have the bubbles which Zoey was smitten with...she can't wait to undress those dolls and get them all covered in suds! She was even informing me that she will have the dolls blowing bubbles outside this summer using those pink bubbles...hmmmm.  She obviously convinced me that the bubbles were a selling factor to consider.

Look for our review to come later this week on the American Girl bathtub and vanity sets!

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