Monday, August 18, 2014

Our School Pictures to Share with You!

Our dolls here would LOVE to share their school pictures with YOU, their very best-est friends! Just copy and save this photo (right-click) and print and cut out to exchange with your dolls! Wishing you a wonderful new school year!!!  May it be full of learning and FUN!

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  1. Nice photos. I am going to make my doll's school photos, but I haven't done it yet. :)
    American Girl Doll Artist

  2. Everyone looks great. I'll have to come back later to read their individual profiles. You did a great job in creating them.

  3. Cute! Weres Mckenna though? I love the outfits.

  4. Hi Jen and Zoe! My name is Emily and I have been inspired by your blog to start my own blog. Will you check it out?

  5. I have completed my dolls school photos and profiles! If you want to view them, just go to my blog,, and click on Meet My Dolls on the top menu. Thanks!


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