Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's the day after but the wish for you is still the same!  For the longest time now Zoey has asked for a set of Bitty Baby Twins.  I've discouraged her from them since it would mean the purchasing of two dolls, she already has a Bitty Baby and the twins are a pricey purchase that I worry she would outgrow after just a short while.  The first time she asked for them I thought it was just an impulse thing but they remained on her list.  I saw this blonde girl Bitty Twin (retired) on eBay for a nice price and she seemed to be in good shape for having a tag that read 2002.  She arrived just in time for Valentine's Day and she is so sweet!!  Tickled that we got her and boy was Zoey surprised because she wasn't expecting to get a Bitty Twin ever after all our discussions about them.  So, she now has one little blonde Bitty Twin who she has named Emma.  Emma has warmed our hearts here this Valentine's Day, that's for sure.  I know there won't be many more days of her wanting to play with a baby doll so I will treasure the ones that she does while they're here.  

Hoping you enjoyed a joyous and love filled day this year!

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  1. Emma is adorable. Congratulations on the find and the addition to your doll family.

  2. Thanks so much Melody! We love having a Bitty Twin...who would have thought! ;)


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