Friday, March 1, 2013

Making a Chair for your AG Doll

I am an art teacher and have a group of 4th and 5th grade girls who stay in during recess once a week to make doll crafts. I am lucky enough to get to craft at work and crazy enough to give up my prep time to do it with kids! They call it 'American Girls Club' and it is a time for the girls to just be girls, working together, talking, sharing and helping each other out.  Not all the girls have dolls, but that hasn't mattered.  One girl said she was going to put a stuffed animal on her chair and another decided to make a pillow instead.  I am glad that they have fun and that they are staying young  and enjoying being girls! 

The idea for the chairs we made came from the My Froggy Stuff channel on YouTube.  My Froggy Stuff has clear video directions that are kid-friendly and easy to follow!  Check her out if you haven't already- I love her!

We began with an oatmeal container, removed the paper and cut it into the desired shape.  We used paper towel to fill the seat. Simply tuck in the fabric of your choice.

Then you can add a second coordinating fabric seat - just tuck it in around the edges.

 Some girls made tall chairs!

Others made the seat very low!

You can see that they even made no-sew pillows, also from My Froggy Stuff, to go with the chairs.

Here, two girls work carefully to glue the edge of the fabric to make a pillow.  Be careful when using hot glue and fabric!

It is always more fun when you can share your hobbies with friends! Thanks for sharing mine! 


  1. Those girls are soooo lucky. At my school, only one girl liked AG dolls, and she moved.

  2. It's so fun to share your love of dolls with others, hope you find some more girls who have fun crafting for their dolls!!

  3. Hi! Cool DIY chairs! For those of us less crafty, how about bean bag chairs from It's Ahh! Products' new line of doll bean bags perfectly fitted for AG dolls!

  4. Love the beanbags for dolls on your site Jade! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. This looks really easy, I will have to make one. My dolls would love it! To view my AG blog visit thanks!

  6. Just made this with my 6 year old! Turned out so cute.

  7. Just made it awesome!!!!!!

  8. thank you for sharing it helped a lot!!!!!


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