Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doll Slumber Party!

Well, despite the fact that the Packers lost last night...the dolls decided to make the most of their time together and didn't focus on the loss of their favorite team but rather had some fun having a slumber party!  McKenna brought her new Taylor Swift cd (she has such great taste in music) and Bella had fun doing everyone's hair in ponytails for the evening.  The dolls broke out the board games (Apples to Apples and the 300 Wishes Game) and had some fun, complete with some tasty treats of course!

McKenna is always the crazy one...this party last night was no exception.  While her friends were playing 300 Wishes she was jumping on the bed...the top of the bunk bed no less!  Then she got our her twirling ribbon and was practicing her moves.

The dolls (and Zoey and I) really had fun last night.  After the dolls were done playing their games and having their snacks they even felt up to some crafting.  I wonder what it is that they made...?  Stay tuned for a fun and easy tutorial for some doll slumber party fun!

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  1. McKenna really does have great taste. My favorite singer!


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