Friday, January 11, 2013

American Girl Craft Kits

It's rainy here today and our snow is melting!  Not fun when you love to ski and sled and just play in the snow in general...but what to do on rainy days?  Crafting is always fun in this house!  It's nice that American Girl has it's own line of craft kits for those days when you want to create something but just don't have the inspiration to come up with something yourself.  I sometimes will buy AG Craft kits if I see them on sale online and tuck them away for days just like this.  Here are some of our recent favorites...

This card making kit is adorable!!  Really and truly worth the purchase, the sheets are die-cut punch outs that you can take apart and stack and put together as directed or you can mix it up and make your own versions of the cards.  There are die-cuts, stickers, folding cards, envelope templates, and even mini cards for your dolls! In the back of the pad are sheets of dimensional adhesive squares which is a nice little bonus.

This set Zoey loves because she enjoys stamping (I have quite the collection of clear stamps so she's had experience with stamping already).  I was worried about the quality of inks since I kind of am picky when it comes to quality stamping products but was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the inks and stamps.  The ink is high quality and vivid in color...we love it!  You can use the stamps and inks well beyond just creating tags...and I like that it's something that isn't completely consumable, meaning...the stamps will last forever and the inks for quite awhile.

The Cootie Catcher Kit was something that we got for Zoey's American Girl themed birthday party last summer and it was awesome!  The girls loved making them...they come with stickers that you can put on your cootie catcher and there are themed ones so if you liked nature, sports or crafts, etc. you could can the cootie catcher that best fits you.

These are just some of the crafting kits that we've had fun with, and if you search for them online be sure to google and compare prices because there is a drastic difference to be found!  I've always found them on sale by being sure to be picky about where I made my purchase.

Happy crafting!
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