Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Dolls are Getting Ready for Christmas!

This afternoon Zoey and I and her dolls got ready for the upcoming holidays by putting up the tree and having some festive treats!  Nothing says Christmastime like cocoa and candy canes!

For the cocoa we cut brown circles and white squares from brown and white foam and put a cotton ball in the bottom of the doll cups and placing the foam on top.  The candy canes were made by twisting red and white pipe cleaners.  The platter of cookies (trees, stars and gingerbread men) were cut from foam as well.

I was really lucky and found the tree, tree skirt, lights, and ornaments at our local dollar store.  Score!  We still need to make something for the topper of the tree...

The Merry Christmas sign was another dollar store find!

Close-up of Julie enjoying her cocoa and candy cane...

We are definitely getting into the spirit of things!  Merry...merry!!

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  1. I adore your photos! Throughout your website the photos are so beautiful! I'll be looking at your boards on Pinterest next.

  2. Thank you so much Maxine! We are having fun that's for sure! :)


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