Sunday, November 27, 2016

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

Today was the day! We always decorate our Christmas tree after Thanksgiving and before our holiday break is over and it's "back to school" time again. This year was no exception!

Patrova was so excited to put the star on the top this year...

and Nellie was tickled to help with the tinsel for the fireplace. 

The pups got in on the fun and festivities too...they may have gotten in to a bit of mischief here and there however!

Bella helped with the tree decorating too.

Zoe hung the stockings on the mantel and set some under the tree for Santa to find. She even tucked some candy canes in them to make things look all the more merrier.

After all the decorating it was time for relaxing by the fire with some yummy treats!

And last but not least...a family (and friends!) photo for the Christmas card!

We hope your Thanksgiving break was a wonderful one and that you are starting to feel the spirit of the holidays yet to come!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait for Christmas!
    ~ Light4theLord

  2. I absolutely love the 9th picture!


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