Sunday, January 11, 2015

Welcome to the Sweet Shoppe!

Amanda and her girls post of their re-creating of the GOTY's French Bakery had Zoey and I itching to play bakery at our house too! Zoey got a really nice wood stand for the dolls this Christmas and so today we turned it into a little bakery/sweet shop of sorts! We ended up taking some pictures so we thought we'd share!

Lanie was working today at the Sweet Shoppe and had an extensive list of special treats and sweets for McKenna and Nixie to choose from.

Nixie had gotten to the Sweet Shoppe a bit earlier than McKenna so she had ordered a cherry soda while waiting for her friend to arrive.

After McKenna arrived Lanie came over and asked if they were ready to order...

After getting McKenna's order and Nixie's complete order (she also got a little sweet treat to go with her soda) Lanie went back to the shoppe to get things all set for her customers.

Can you tell the Sweet Shoppe is getting ready for Valentines Day?

McKenna had ordered a fruit tart and Nixie got a special strawberry cream chocolate cookie. Mmmmm!

Nixie and McKenna really enjoyed their afternoon outing today...getting a special treat at the Sweet Shoppe was the perfect addition to their day!

They had fun talking about their plans for the upcoming holiday...Valentines Day. They are thinking it would be fun to have a big party with all of their girlfriends. Maybe they could purchase their treats for the party from the Sweet Shoppe!

Yes! That's what they are going to do! Lanie couldn't help but overhear the conversation and is so excited to be of help. She better get busy preparing lots of special treats for the big day!

What a fun time with friends...supporting each other and including one another makes everyone feel good!

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  1. That was so cute! I want something sweet now!;)

  2. Such a cute bakery! Love the photos.
    -Ocean AG

  3. Cute! Can you update your page! You posted this over a month about!

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    Allie D.


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